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Laguna Beach Show and Reception

June 8, 2019 6:30-9pm Cara Moran Showcases Paintings in “Overflowing” at The Signature Gallery in Laguna Beach. In a bold and beautiful new show, artist Cara Moran will exhibit her series of colorful and lively water scenes – waves and beaches as well as her ‘overflowing’ flowers and gardens. Her exceptional paintings are a mesmerizing vision of color…

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“Painting Sunshine” Show in Laguna Beach

 I’m working hard getting ready for my upcoming show. I’d love to see you there. The Signature Gallery Laguna Beach Thursday, June 1, 2017 6-9 pm For a preview of my new work at the gallery, click here:

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Cara in Santa Fe

Father-Daughter-Son Show July 22, 2016 4 – 7 pm I’m excited to be doing my first show in Santa Fe. It will be a real family affair, with my dad, Charles Pabst and brother, Michael Pabst. If you are in Santa Fe, please stop by. The Signature Gallery 102 E. Water St., Santa Fe, NM For…

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